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Like most sites on the web today, this page is still under construction...
(last updated October 2006)


To view a larger version of any photo, click the thumbnail. Click your BACK button on your web browser to return to this page to view more thumbnails. I have thrown all these photos onto one page with little rhyme or reason and no comments just to get them saved. Its better than nothing, but some of the photos deserve comments that I hope to install soon?

These photos are mainly in the South Pacific and Australia after meeting and falling in love with Yuko. Concerto and I began together in Salem, Mass. near Ted Hood's world headquarters (Marblehead). Sailed several years in the Caribbean and then traversed the Panama Canal in 1983. After cruising Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia and the Galapagos Islands, I single-handed across the Pacific to Fatu Hiva and the French Islands where I met Yuko in Tahiti in late 1983.