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(last updated October 2006)


Richard has lots of Lego. He loves it. He plays with his Lego every day. He carefully makes each new Lego meticulously following the directions (the fist time) and then he improves it by designing his own. Below are a few of the hundreds of photos from his incredible collection:

This is Richard with the largest Lego set in the World (and the ONLY one of its kind in Japan!) This is the Imperial Star Destroyer. The Destroyer is a meter long, weighs more than 5.1 Kg, and contains more than 3100 pieces! The instruction book has more than 225 pages and it took Richard longer than 3 weeks to complete. Because it is not available in Japan, we had it sent from Lego in Denmark to a friend in Australia who hand carried it to Japan and gave it to Richard.

Statistics: 1601 meters long, 701 meters high, and 1003 meters wide! Manufactured by Kuat Drive Yards (chief engineer Richard Colthurst). Weapons include 60 turbo blasters, 60 ion canons, 10 tractor beams and two deflector shield spheres. The ship has a permanent crew of 3,200 officers and flight specialists and carries 9,700 ground troops. It carries 72 TIE Fighter ships (6 squadrons of 12 ships) as well as 8 Lambda-class shuttles, 15 storm trouper transports, five assault gunboats, plus 8 Gamma-class assault shuttles and Skipray Blast boats. The Imperial Star Destroyer also accommodates planetary assault teams with landing barges, drop ships, 30 AT-AT armored walkers, and 30 AT-ST scout walkers.

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Richard has dozens of other exciting Lego sets. Only a few are pictured below.