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(last updated December  2007)



Stephanie Midori Margaret Colthurst
(Born 21 December, 1991, Devonport, Tasmania)


with cello (2004)

Stephanie Midori Margaret Colthurst                                                        

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Stephanie just completed  Year 10 at Matthew Flinders Anglican College. She has won school awards for Academic Excellence, Academic Endeavor, Science, Cross Country Running, Secondary String Orchestra (cello) and Tennis.   She had her 16th birthday on 21 December 2007. Two days before her birthday, she had her tonsils out and suffered greatly, but is now on the mend. Since Christmas 2006 she worked as a kitchen hand in an up-market European cafe in Buderim, but quit in September and now works as a pharmacist's assistant in a local pharmacy.

Stephanie enters grade 11 next year. Her goal is to finish high school here in two years and then go to France and repeat year 12 as an exchange student. Let's see how she goes...

Stephanie updated her web page in January 2006 by adding the following:

"I am now ready to face bigger challenges in my life. Since moving back to Australia I have made many new friends, excellent grades in school, and I have started playing new instruments. I try to improve everything I do. I love to play tennis, read, play the piano, go to the beach, go shopping with friends, go to the movies and play with the neighborhood kids. I have finally settled into the laid-back lifestyle of living of Australia. And even though I miss my friends and relatives in Japan, I am glad I moved here. I think I am very lucky to be living here and going to Matthew Flinders College--one of the best schools in the country. I now have lots of friends and my family supporting me through my teenage life which has just begun."

Stephanie is very polite and modest and well-liked by all her friends at school. She modestly omitted that she won scholastic honors for Academic Excellence and a Science Award at school last year. When we moved here from Japan, Stephanie started in 6th grade but within two months, they bumped her up to 7th grade and she still finished at the top of her class. One reason was because of her excellent 7th grade teacher, Mr. Madden whom we believe is one of the finest teachers we have ever known at any school in any country. Stephanie plays cello in the high school orchestra and has won awards for her piano.

To see photos of Stephanie in a special Japanese kimono when we lived in Japan, click: Kimono