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(last updated December  2007)


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Richard John Kei Colthurst
(Born Tasmania, Australia September 1, 1995)



Richard turned 12 years old in September 2007. He finished sixth grade class at Matthew Flinders in December 2007. Richard won the only orchestra award at school this year (for Cello in the Primary Orchestra). He intends to apply for a music scholarship in 2008.

Next year he goes to Senior School at MFAC. He plays the cello in the school orchestra and also plays the drum kit, the electric guitar, classic acoustic guitar and  the electric base. For sports he really likes to play soccer and tennis.

Richard speaks Japanese as well as English. He likes hanging out with his friends, mountain biking and especially skateboarding.  He likes to go on the  trampoline and do summersaults. He also loves to play with our dog Ginger. In summer Richard goes in the pool every day.

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Click Here to Listen to Richard's guitar or
Click Here for Richard's Drum Solo

Pearl Export 7-piece drum set


Yamaha RBX-5 Bass Guitar (5-string)






Element Skateboards rock




Tony Hawk