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(last updated 31 January 2005)


All these photos are in Chiba-ken, about two hours East of Tokyo...

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First Day!
Although we are surrounded by old traditional Japanese houses and historic architecture, we live in a modern, rather plain house.  It took 2 taxis to get people and 14 boxes to the house. 

The best part about being so far from Tokyo is the peace. Instead of listening to traffic and city noises 24 hours a day, we go to sleep to the sounds of frogs and crickets, and wake up to the sounds of song birds and even roosters!


Chiba Castle surrounded by Cherry Blossoms       
We arrived just after the peak of 'Hanami' (Cherry Blossom Season).
There are magnificent old traditional houses with beautiful architecture all around us in the city of Yachiyo, Chiba. This is Chiba Castle about 30 minutes away in Chiba City.

Ancient Katori Jingu Shrine


The Shrine next door with steep steps leading to the top...

      Kids named this Mushu Fountain (after the movie Mulan) 

Stephanie and the "Great Stone Dragon" from the Shrine next door

Big tree at the Shrine next door...
Big tree at the Shrine next door...            An enchanting tall bamboo forest surrounds the Shrine!

Waking the ancestors!!!

Richard in the bamboo forest

Rice paddies across the street viewed from the Shrine on the hill. The river is behind the trees.

kawa.jpg (18619 bytes)
This large river (Shinkawa) irrigates the rice paddies