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We returned to Australia on 5 November, 2003 about 8 years, 13 days, 20 hours and 7 minutes after we left for a "quick, round-the-world trip" back in October 1995. Richard was less than two months old when we left and of course had no memory of Australia. Now he is already a little Aussie battler.

We have been here for just over a year now. Below are a few thumbnails of our NEW House at 109 Cogill Road, Buderim, Queensland, on a small mountain in the rainforest hinterland of the Sunshine Coast about 90 Km north of Brisbane.  (First we bought a house on Kiri Court and in late August 2004, moved into a newer, nicer house on 1 acres near by on Cogill Road). We still walk to school. Click here to see more about the Sunshine Coast.

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I have thrown all these photos onto one page with no comments just to get them on the web so Granny and friends can see them. We are very happy in Australia and are glad we returned. This is our new house in Buderim. The kangaroos are in our front yard. We have about 1 acres of land and are minutes from town or the beach. We designed and had our custom pool built in October 2005 and added the new game room, shower and 5th bedroom in November 2005. Every window in the house has views of the garden or sub-tropical rain forest--even the laundry and bath rooms. There is a very long, steep private drive way leading down to the property. It is very peaceful and secluded.

The kangaroos below were taken in our front yard on Cogill Road, running wild through the area. The reptile is a water dragon (also from our front yard). Like a large horned toad with a tail. Very spiky. Can climb a tree as easily as swim.

The last 10 or so photos in the bottom row show the new game room we build in late 2005.

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